Explore, Eat and Enjoy at Thailand – The Tourist Magnet

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Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that is profoundly known for its beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha.
Choosing from the many great places to visit in Thailand is tough. Along with ideal weather, islands, and other lures, Thailand can be a very affordable destination.

The dazzling capital of Thailand, Bangkok is indeed a tourist magnet! There are plenty of things to do and see here so your travel experience will be incredible for sure. From tall skyscrapers to majestic ancient temples, this iconic city has got it all!

When you travel to a city like Bangkok, you must time your visit well! The last thing you want to do in a city like this is to stay cooped up in the hotel room as the rains drench the great outdoors! If you can schedule the tour in late November and early December, you will be able to enjoy the best weather conditions in the city.

Enjoy some leisure time at Bangkok’s largest park — Lumpini. The large space of lush greenery is a favorite spot amongst locals who love meandering along its footpaths, chilling on the seats and playing sports.

Khao Phing Kan: Sunbathe in the chalky shorelines framed by deep blue sea.

Wat Tham Sua: Hike through marvelous landscapes and picturesque skylines before you arrive at Wat Tham Sua, the epitome of all that is spiritual!

Cruising the Chao Phraya: Cruises along the Chao Phraya River are beautiful experiences; you get to take in the most popular attractions located along its banks and savor traditional river-life of the Thai people, as you pass by old villages located along the water’s edge.

Even after traversing the pristine white sands of Koh Samui and partying in the lit-up streets of Bangkok all night, you will see that there are tonnes of iconic places still left to visit in Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands: Just a 45-minute speedboat trip either from Phuket or Krabi, Phi Phi islands are one of the exotic locations in Southeast Asia. The islands feature classic tropical beaches, bewildering rock formations, and stunning turquoise waters. An exotic Phi Phi island cruise will let you explore a complete paradise on earth marveling at the sunrise.

Khlong Thom: Khlong Thom hot spring is popular for its stress-relieving and medicational tendencies. Bathe in the river for hours and engage in Thai massage sessions — a must-have experience in Thailand!

Songprak River: Kick up some fun by rafting the white-water river Songprak. Brace yourself as you are in for an exhilarating ride!

There is a myriad of shopping malls and shopping areas in Bangkok. Indeed, most tourists visit the city to enjoy sensational shopping sprees!

Chatuchak Weekend Market: Very crowded and enormous in size the Chatuchak Weekend Market of Bangkok boasts over 15,000 stalls and is perfect for holiday shopping. The foodie section is of course, awesome and you get to try all the delicious Thai bites, as well as, the more outlandish dishes like fried insects.

Rod Fai Night Market: Raid through the market and indulge in delicious Thai food. Buy handicrafts and unique souvenirs you can’t buy anywhere else.

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