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Soak-in the charm of Bangkok & Pattaya – The enchanting destinations

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Finding a place to match your wanderlust? Bangkok and Pattaya stand on top for a perfect vacay.

Bangkok and Pattaya are two of the most popular destinations to visit in Thailand. And with good reason. These two places are home to some of the most fascinating attractions.

Everything is larger than life in Bangkok, from enigmatic beaches to theme park joyrides, from the rich cultural milieu of a multitude of temples and museums to outrageous nightlife, from towering skyscrapers to shopping both Bangkok and Pattaya delight tourists in many different ways.

Coral Islands- Bundle of Beaches
Coral Islands has a collection of most ultimate coastal beaches. Bless your mood with the best panoramic view of the endless sea. The coral Island bundles a total of 6 beaches with the ultimate coral ocean. The idyllic beaches are full of restaurants, bars, shops to meet your untimely desires. Not only for peace the beaches offer a thrilling experience for adventure seekers. Yes, you heard it right, beaches have several water sports for every adventurer.

Biggest Market
Bangkok is amusing for shopaholics. With more than 15000 stalls, these offer every variety of every product you wish to buy. If your shopping cart is still not full then you can fill it in the streets of Pattaya.

Nocturnal Nightlife
Living an extraordinary nightlife is the fantasy of every party animal. The craving for parties captivates youngsters to Bangkok and Pattaya. Partying like animals, getting high, only the thought of this sends a chill into the veins of party freaks. Flamboyant nightlife is the solemn reason why Bangkok and Pattaya entice party freaks like a magnet.

Mouth-Watering Thai Cuisine
Thai nourishment has made its distinction because of the gigantic assortment and mouth-watering taste. The most astonishing thing is that heavenly sustenance isn’t expensive. Tourists ponder to realize that the genuine taste of Thai sustenance can be profited even at the roads of Bangkok and Pattaya. Thai cooking is highly acclaimed and is cherished by each guest. Particularly for non-vegetarians, seafood blended with Thai flavours offered here is to die for.

Thai Massage
One of the most popular activities in Thailand is Thai Massage. Almost every person visiting Bangkok and Pattaya long for a Thai massage. A trip to Thailand is much wasted if you haven’t taken the relaxing Thai Massage.

So, what are you waiting for pack your bags and get ready to rock? If you are also desirous to get the chance of doing amazing things in this island destination, book 5 nights 4 days Bangkok & Pattaya Tour Package right away.