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Let’s do it together – Krabi & Phuket – enticing islands within minutes

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Confused between Phuket and Krabi? Which one you should visit between these two destinations? Let’s try both! Phuket and Krabi somehow look similar. Phuket and Krabi is located in Southern Thailand. Both of these places offer magnificent beaches, a unique panorama and an atmosphere for its visitors.

While Phuket is spread over 543 sq KM with 30 compact islands, Krabi covers a prodigious 4708 sq KM divided among 80 pet islands. Phuket is all about mountains and beaches whereas Krabi has got mangrove forests added to its kitty. Both the places have a tropical monsoon climate, the best time to visit Phuket is from December to March whereas Krabi welcomes more of its tourists between October to April. To know more about Phuket and Krabi tourism, Keep Reading!

A popular tourist location in Thailand, Phuket is known for its clear water beaches, offshore islands, and cheap accommodation. Phuket is as pretty as a picture island surrounded by pacific turquoise coloured water filled with lush green nature, and with a culture and a Sino-Portuguese history. It is also known as the Pearl of the Andaman.

Phuket is the best destination for sailing. Whether you are a beginner or are already a professional, the Andaman Sea that surrounds Phuket is the perfect spot for sailing. You can also enjoy snorkelling and diving exploring the diversity of life that exists in the water.

Fly like a Hanuman or go island hopping
Phuket’s major attraction is the Flying Hanuman at Kathu. A zip line through the forests of Phuket with a blend of multiple adventures, Flying Hanuman costs around 2300 THB to 3500 THB. Elephant trekking, ATV Tours, rafting, Canoes, Scuba and island hopping from Koh Phi Phi to Bond Island are other must-try adventures.

Phuket is a street food lover’s paradise where Pancakes and fresh fruits such as Pineapples and Guavas are a must-try. Variants of cold coffee on the street side stalls are worth trying.

Krabi features idyllic palm-fringed beaches, sparkling waters dotted with exotic islands, elephant trekking, prolific rock climbing, good dive sites, a wide range of accommodation, both Thai and western dining and friendly locals. In terms of a travel destination in Thailand, Krabi is fairly new, and this works to its advantage. Not many people know that the iconic Phi Phi Islands are within Krabi Province’s jurisdiction. Hardly needing an introduction, Phi Phi offers not only breathtaking beauty, but hedonistic nightlife, and great scuba diving and snorkelling as well.

Krabi provides a great vacation full of attractive memories as there’s so much to see: Wildlife sanctuaries, National Parks, hot springs and ice-cold waterfalls, beautiful islands – Koh Phi Phi – just 45 minutes away.

Krabi Town Sightseeing- This charming provincial city has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing and will give you a slice of local Thai life. Visit Tiger Cave (Wat Tham Sua), a huge temple with a staggering 1,272 steps leading up a limestone tower. Along the way, you will enjoy the scenery and observe the local lifestyle.

Kayaking- Krabi’s coastline is incredibly varied, taking in sandy coves, exotic islands, and atmospheric caves as well as mangrove swamps. To best explore these natural wonders, a kayak comes in handy as it is relaxing, safe and easy to operate.

Rock Climbing- Rock climbing in Krabi is world standard, and with more professionals coming in to blaze trails, the higher standards rise. With wonderful views, a real sense of achievement, a good company and a great physical workout, the sport is tempting to all.

Krabi serves authentic Thai cuisine and is a seafood lover’s paradise. Located near one of the best fishing ports in Thailand, Krabi offers exquisite Thai delicacies.

Blessed by nature and the smiling hospitality of its people, and supported by superb tourism facilities, Phuket & Krabi are one of the most visited tourists’ destination. Get the best in business Krabi- Phuket travel package with Enduring journeys today!