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Travel Singapore – Experience Passion All-Year-Round

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Singapore’s status as a global metropolis means that visitors get to enjoy a riveting annual line-up of art festivals, spectacular music extravaganzas, and sporting events. No matter the time of the year you’re visiting, you’re bound to find a festivity to fuel your passion. From the colonial-era Raffles Hotel to hyper-modern futuristic condos and from classic Peranakan-era shophouses to Art-Deco inspired buildings, Singapore is an architecture lover’s dream.

Singapore is the easiest place that you’ll ever travel to. Everything on this island nation is done so well. It is extremely safe to travel with an abundance of cuisines to sooth your tasting buds, Singapore is a paradise for foodies, also, it is a multi-lingual and multi-religious nation thereby, making it extremely tourist-friendly. Visitors enjoy culinary experiences from different countries as well as visiting many different places of worship.

Singapore Fast Facts
Singapore is both a city and a country that is officially known as the Republic of Singapore located just off the southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia.
Currency: Singapore dollar
Languages: English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin (the official language is Malay)
Population: 5.6 million
Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity

Whether you’re an insatiable foodie, a lover of the arts or an irrepressible daredevil, Singapore’s endless possibilities are certain to fuel the fires of your passion. Here’s a peek into what the Lion City has in store for you.

Singapore boxes a surprisingly stupendous number of attractions: graminaceous parks, world-class zoos, palatial hotels, historical structures, and mouth-watering cheap eats, all in a land area not much bigger. And there are beaches too! From high-flying thrills to up-close encounters with the creatures of the night, Singapore is filled with activities that’ll have you channelling your inner action hero. To soar high on adrenaline, hop on a cable car and make your way to Sentosa. This island resort’s dizzying array of attractions includes the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, movie-inspired rides at Universal Studios Singapore and Mega Adventure – Singapore, home to Southeast Asia’s steepest zip wire. There are multiple beaches, an abundance of food options and no shortage of things to do on Sentosa. There is a waterpark, a Universal Studios, dolphin shows, bungee jumping, Madame Tussauds…do we need to go on? You can find all of the attractions and prices here.

Botanic Gardens, are famous among visitors as who doesn’t love the peace and positivity of mother nature, also, these gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are 158 years old. You get oodles of photo opportunities here. The flowers are stunning and you’ll even find orchids made for people who have visited the gardens such as Obama.

Gardens by the Bay and Haw Par Villa
These two outdoor crowd-pleasers are unlike anything else in the world. Gardens by the Bay is dominated by its Supertree Grove, a collection of giant metal vertical gardens that are covered in thousands of species of flora and fauna. Gardens by the Bay has the character of a friendly and futuristic jovian landscape. Visit at night for the full effect. Haw Par Villa is a former amusement park built by the Haw Par brothers who invented Tiger Balm. The park is full of life-sized sculptures and dioramas depicting Chinese mythology. The Haw Par brothers wanted to create a fun way for parents to teach their children about morality through these folk stories.

When in Singapore, Shop till you drop!
Fashionistas and bargain hunters alike find that Singapore is a treasure trove of shopping options. Your first stop for a spot of retail therapy should be Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping belt.

River Safari is something that bewitches the visitors, here you ride a boat through Singapore’s tropical forests. Freshwater animals live on either side of the river, including American beavers, anacondas and adorable giant pandas.

When planning a trip to Singapore you never have to worry about the weather as there is no bad time to visit Singapore! Also, Singapore is amongst the cleanest cities in the world. Thanks to rules about spitting and littering, Singapore is free of unpleasant smells or unsightly litter. Its clean streets are a real plus.